Yonaton Hardisty



Yon has worked in the software business for over 30+ years as a principal of Monkey Byte Development. Most recently he has been involved in the roll out of BINX.tv and the Healthtek Creative teams.

Beginning in brand design, project engineering, and eCommerce development, Mr. Hardisty eventually took the helm of the company as a chief executive officer in 2001. Working in the volatile and competitive field of game and software development, while leading his company through years of hits, downturns, bubbles, explosions and calm. Never faltering in his love for the creation of software and the steady mentoring of his partners, employees, clients, and the general public.

With much of his professional career dedicated to the creation of virtual things, Mr. Hardisty is excited to be working with his hands in the dirt, cleaning the spaces around us, and adding life to the real world with Forestr.org.

Companies Mr. Hardisty has the honor of participating within: