Yonaton Hardisty



Pioneering the Intersection of Gaming, Healthcare, and Environmental Stewardship

Yon Hardisty, a leader and innovator, celebrates over three decades in the gaming industry, a journey marked by a dynamic evolution into the realms of healthcare and environmental stewardship. With a career spanning 31 years, Yon has transitioned from contributing to the gaming industry to pioneering the fusion of gaming with healthcare. This unique intersection has allowed him to expand the global landscape of preventative health through the application of game theory and engaging health journeys.

His profound passion for creating software that enhances the human experience has been the cornerstone of his career. Yon’s deep understanding of the theories, principles, and business dynamics of gaming has empowered him to apply these insights to the healthcare sector. In doing so, he has been instrumental in shaping innovative solutions that positively impact individuals’ lives, leveraging his rich history in software development.

Currently, Yon’s journey has evolved further as he embraces his role at Forestr.org. A commitment at Forestr.org that aligns with the organization’s goals of amplifying Cleaning, Greening, and Gleaning programs, and strengthening its financial stability. His role is pivotal in expanding urban pocket parks, mentoring in urban greening initiatives, and advocating for permaculture practices nationally. Through Forestr.org, he is at the forefront of global knowledge sharing, extending gleaning programs to new communities, championing Food Justice, and developing future leaders in green business.

As the director of cleaning programs, Yon brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to advance the cleaning of lands. Building on three years of successful litter cleaning initiatives through the Adopt-A-Highway program, Everyone program, and the Litter Patrol, he is dedicated to bridging the gap between business and ecology for mutual resilience. His work in collaborating with eco-focused entities for community betterment is a testament to a belief in the power of software and innovative approaches in making a tangible difference in both healthcare and environmental sectors.

Yon Hardisty stands for innovation and dedication, seamlessly integrating an expertise in gaming and healthcare with a fervent commitment to environmental stewardship. His journey is a reflection of a belief in the transformative power of technology and a relentless pursuit of creating a healthier, greener, and more sustainable world.