Yhzekel Kahsai

Program Leader

Through love of nature and dedication to environmental regeneration Yhzekel joins the Forestr team. From cleaning up garbage on the freeways to developing concepts and leading projects using a mix of innovation and STEAM principles Yhzekel works to develop projects that will become the roots of Forestr’s growth.

I am currently embarking on my final year in high school. I am also wrapping up my time with the BSA becoming an eagle scout in Troop 409 an all black troop located in Oakland, CA. With my years of childhood behind me I realize it is my time to leave my footprint and give back to Mother Earth who gives her all to me.

Mother Earth

A rose from concrete is a beautiful sight 

However, a tree rises from nothing but soil & rain 

So through your turmoil & pain gives comfort to the most beautiful lives

Branches stretch wide birds come to chirp & sing through the morning cold 

Night arrives critters come from far & wide to find shelter in its hollows

Roots run deep then comes leaves 

detoxifying the air battling the pollution your car exhaust brings

Is it wrong for me to think pollution runs through our minds as well 

Sit back and ask myself 

How can life be detached from Earth without knowing that it’s costly

All the damage we have done i’m sorry to tell you that it can not be healed 

When your sons and daughter ask to see magic of the polar bear or the stripes of the tiger

Who gonna be the one to tell him I don’t think you ever will 

Daddy? Mommy? Were they magic or a fairytale

Will you say it was selfishness and in our own greed we could not be overwhelmed

Or Will you say it was ignorance and it was too late when we realized by hurting others we hurt ourselves

I cannot lie sometimes I lose myself in these city lights

Somebody told me the stars is the brightest thing 

they light up the whole galaxy so why is it that they drown during the city’s night 

Is it because our food is processed genetically that we tear off the wrapper as it flies out the window

into the soil where our food is supposed to come from

What happened to the herbs & the remedies 

Is it escaping or memory that everything has a breaking point 

So when the Earth runs dry of the oil & gold & smoke engulfs the sky

The birds choke & die 

The rivers run dry 

The trees don’t grow 

8 billion lives at stakes when will you learn as you take & take it’s a point where she can’t give no more