Steve Parker

Richmond/El Sobrante Area Harvest Leader

I grew up in Southern California, and currently live in El Sobrante.  I have university degrees in Biology, Geology and Business.  I worked for many years in the water treatment industry.

I have been successfully growing things since I was a boy.  I am interested in fruits and vegetables and am learning more about plants in this area at every opportunity.  I am learning what grows well, what is easy and what is difficult to grow.  I am also focused on sustainability and on firesafe landscaping.

I harvest seeds from vegetables and herbs that I have had success with and propagate them again the following year.  I focus on heirlooms and hard to find varieties.  I preserve vegetables and make jams and jellies.

In parallel with my gardening my cooking skills have improved, and I have learned to use spices and herbs to my advantage.

I am currently enrolled in the UC Master Gardener Program, a 10-week volunteer program offered through the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources and UC Extension.

I have lived in Chicago, Dallas, and Tampa.  I lived in Mexico and traveled to Central and South America.  I have traveled to Europe, the South Pacific, Japan, and China.

I am an enthusiastic member of Contra Costa Fruit Rescue and fully support their mission.

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