Rick Hatcher

Board Member - A Champion of Urban Farming and Community Enrichment

An urban farmer since a teenager, growing and making soil became a life long passion. Starting Eden Urban Farms in mid 2000’s, creating the multi awarding wining Eden Area Ag Day and running and co- operating multiple Community Gardens.

Creating the area’s first Food Policy Council, Eden Area Food Alliance, his work is to establish a sustainable local food farm and hub network. Rick is also the President of the Hayward Area Recreation District, H.A.R.D. HARD is the largest urban recreational and park district in California.

Rick Hatcher, a visionary in the realm of urban farming and community development, has dedicated his life to fostering sustainable urban ecosystems and nurturing community spirit. His journey as an urban farmer began in his teenage years, where he discovered a deep passion for growing plants and creating fertile soil. This early interest blossomed into a lifelong commitment, leading him to establish Eden Urban Farms in the mid-2000s.

Under Rick’s stewardship, Eden Urban Farms flourished, His leadership in organizing the multi award winning, Eden Area Ag Day exemplifies his commitment to agricultural education and community engagement. Moreover, his efforts in running and co-operating various Community Gardens have been instrumental in bringing people closer to the essence of urban farming.

Recognizing the need for a coordinated approach to local food systems, Rick co founded the Ashland / Cherryland Food Policy Council, later the Eden Area Food Alliance, the area’s first Food Policy Council.

His vision was clear: to establish a sustainable local food farm and hub network, ensuring access to fresh, locally grown produce for his community while changing the rules, laws and ordnances to allow this to happen.

In 2015, Rick’s dedication to community service led him to a pivotal role as President of the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (H.A.R.D.) Board of Directors. His election to this position was a natural progression of his lifelong engagement with H.A.R.D.. His presidency at H.A.R.D., the largest urban recreational and park district in California, is a testament to his commitment to creating spaces that promote health, wellness, and community bonding.

Rick’s latest endeavors at Paradise Garden Park reflect his innovative spirit and dedication to community inclusivity. His ambition to expand the park, incorporating varied green programming and an urban farm center, aligns with his vision of accessible and sustainable urban green spaces. His leadership in litter removal programs and advocacy for composting through work farming initiatives are further evidence of his holistic approach to urban environmental stewardship.

Beyond his passion for urban farming and community development, Rick plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals and businesses through his day job at Hatcher Insurance Brokerage. His work in personal and business insurance underlines his commitment to protecting and supporting the community in various facets. 

Active in several organizations, including the Hayward Community Garden, Hayward Foundation for the Arts and Hayward Youth Commission., Rick’s influence extends far beyond the fields of his farms. His pride in being part of H.A.R.D. and his contributions to community enrichment are palpable in every initiative he undertakes.

His day job is to ensure people, business and the community stay protected with insurance. He operates as Hatcher Insurance Brokerage – Personal and Business Insurance.