Pat Schultz

Program Lead - Lamorinda Area Harvest Leader

I have been involved in rescuing backyard fruit for over a decade.  I have spent many hours organizing and leading local harvests all over Contra Costa County.  I grew up in Lafayette and my Dad always had something edible growing. We had lots of fruit trees and grapevines as well.  My parents were firm believers in not wasting anything, especially food, and those values were instilled in me.

As a retired music educator I can’t resist  teaching people about the fruit we are harvesting and about the much larger problem of food waste and food justice.  It has become my passion and my way of giving back to my community.

I have become a big advocate of small fruit trees (all my trees are dwarfs and grow in pots) as they give us plenty of fruit, I don’t need a ladder to pick them and it meets our needs without being too much.

I am grateful to the many different organizations in Contra Costa and Alameda County that are all working on a piece of the food waste and food justice issue as it takes all of us working on it to make a difference.  I am excited to be working as a part of Contra Costa Fruit Rescue and ForestR.  Together  we will make a difference.

When not leading a harvest I enjoy working in my garden, cooking, traveling, playing with my granddaughter and just enjoying the gift of time to do what I want, when I want.

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