Nimone Li-Hardisty

Chief Executive Officer

Blending Construction Expertise with Environmental Leadership

Ms. Nimone Li-Hardisty, a visionary leader and environmental advocate, currently heads, an organization dedicated to urban greening and sustainable practices. Her unique background in construction, coupled with her passion for ecology, positions her distinctively to drive impactful environmental initiatives.

Early Career in Construction

With nearly 30 years in the construction industry, Nimone’s career spans architecture, general contracting, and construction management. Her expertise lies in managing complex projects with a keen focus on sustainable construction methodologies, particularly LEED-certified developments. She’s known for her collaborative management style, balancing budget and schedule without compromising quality. Key projects under her leadership include:

  • Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA ($100M)
  • Kaiser Antioch Hospital and Medical Offices, Antioch, CA ($250M)
  • Elihu Harris State Office Building, Oakland, CA ($100M)
  • Oceanwide Center, San Francisco, CA ($2 Billion)
  • Emeryville Center for Community Life ($98M)
  • San Carlos School District, South San Carlos, CA ($72M)
  • Chabot College, Chabot-Las Positas Community College District, CA ($253M)
  • City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA ($222M)
  • Libraries in San Lorenzo, Los Gatos, and Castro Valley, Pleasant Hill, CA (ranging from $12M to $21M)

Transition to Environmental Advocacy

Transitioning to, Nimone brings her construction acumen to the forefront of urban environmentalism. Her goals for 2024 and beyond include:

  • Amplifying Cleaning, Greening, and Gleaning programs
  • Strengthening the financial stability of
  • Expanding urban pocket parks
  • Mentoring in urban greening initiatives
  • Advocating for permaculture practices nationally
  • Launching ForestrU for global knowledge sharing
  • Extending gleaning programs to new communities
  • Championing Food Justice
  • Developing future leaders in green business
  • Collaborating with eco-focused entities for community
  • Bridging business and ecology for mutual resilience

Impact and Vision

Nimone’s unique blend of construction experience and environmental leadership enables her to view urban greening through a pragmatic yet visionary lens. Her work at not only enhances urban landscapes but also fosters a community deeply rooted in sustainability and resilience. Her leadership exemplifies how skills from seemingly disparate fields can converge to create significant environmental impact. Under her guidance, is poised to become a beacon of sustainable urban development and ecological stewardship.