Eunice Bae

Event Planning

Eunice Bae comes to the family from the world of Human Resources and Hospitality. With over 20 years experience in the service industry, Ms. Bae brings together a rich history of large corporate management, event planning, and community building solutions from all over the world.

Eunice is a passionate advocate for animals rights, zero-waste, and the greening of our world. In the five years prior to joining the family, Eunice worked in the management of another non-profit organization that was dedicated to fighting child poverty through out the globe. She oversaw the growth and development of organizational groups all around the world. Managing fundraising events, bringing together membership drives, and refining business goals.

Ms. Bae steps into the family as our leader, point of focus, and driving force. Her energy powers all that we do. Ensuring that our message is clean, grounded, and maintained.