Charissa Frank

Board Member - Strategy/Vision

Charissa, as CEO/President of FMG + Company, a 100% woman/minority owned small business. She has over 25 years of experience in transportation and project delivery. She’s passionate about creating a level playing field for small businesses by promoting policies that elevate their role in project delivery through collaboration and creativity.

She is an entrepreneurial business owner with a passion for bringing people together to advance the common good. Her contributions to the architecture, engineering, and construction industry include creating opportunities for women, minority-owned, small businesses to have a voice in the shaping of facilities that serve communities. From design approaches, to inclusionary principles, to practical solutions that solve common challenges, Charissa brings unique insights and a firm commitment to taking the right actions for the right reasons, so as to deliver the greatest benefit.

FMG is passionate about sustainability and contributing to initiatives that promote clean air, water, and lands in the communities we serve. Our support of reflects our commitment to educating community to preserve our planet.

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