Castro Valley Library

Seed Sharing Opens Jan 4th, 2022!

We are SO EXCITED to begin sharing our entire ForestR Seed Collection at the Castro Valley Library, starting this January 4th, 2022!

We are pleased to offer a Seed Sharing Library making locally harvested heirloom seeds available to local gardeners, community volunteers, children and library patrons.

Browse our complete seed library list here and learn more about each and every plant type we have to offer our neighbors.

To get started, visit the Castro Valley Library and simply select some seeds of plants you are interested in growing. Our seeds are organized by the common name of the plant type (Beans, Carrots, Peas, etc.) Seeds are arranged alphabetically by their common name, then alphabetically by variety.

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How It Works

Choosing Seeds

Plant + Grow

Sharing Seeds


Once you have identified the seeds you’d like to grow. Please choose no more than 5 varieties to borrow at one time. Each seed packet contains enough seed to start 3-5 plants.

Plant your seeds and enjoy your garden. We have a wealth of books on gardening for all sizes and types of gardens.

Once you’ve saved seeds from your plants, bring some of your labeled seeds back to the library to perpetuate our collection and assure a variety of choices for next year’s crops.

1. Collecting

ForestR team members collect seeds from neighbors and local gardens all year long. Holding regular exchange events throughout the East Bay area.

2. Collating

Seeds are sorted by type. labeled, and individually packaged by our ForestR volunteers in order to ensure their keeping dry and safe for planting.

3. Sharing

Find the ForestR seed collection at the Castro Valley Library every day they are open! And we will be holding sharing events every quarter throughout the East Bay.

Click name below for seed details. Seeds selections may vary, depending on stocks on hand. All are first come, first serve.

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