ForestR Pocket Parks

Marshall School Park

Development Stage : Proposal | Planning | Design | Activation | Maintenance

Visit today at: 20111 Marshall St, Castro Valley, CA 94546

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We are honored to be in partnership with the CVUSD and our local community, this park will see the addition of trees, new vegetable gardens, and so much more …

Every pocket park is an opportunity for our local businesses to step forward and prove their dedication to our community, our ecology, and our world. We want to thank these amazing sponsors for helping make this pocket park thrive:

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Four Vegetable Raised Planters

Butterfly Garden – coming soon

Fountain Sitting Area – coming soon

Mushroom Garden – coming soon

Fruit Food Forrest – coming soon

Partnership is at the core of every good effort. This pocket park exists through the good works of these amazing partners:

Photos : November 11th, 2023

A wonderful day of action! We want to thank our friends at the Castro Valley Rotary for their continued support and leadership!

Photos : June 3rd, 2023

An amazing day was had by all and we want to thank ALL the ForestRs who cam out to be a part of this wonderful day’s work!

Enjoy this little slideshow of the days events

Photos : January 21, 2023

Photos : December, 2022

Photos : November, 2022

Photos : August, 2022

Park Plan

Design is an on-going process of development. We are dedicated to using permaculture practices on this park land. Working to reuse and recycle all that is already on the grounds. Taking nothing from the space. Adding to it, with every turn.

2023 Fundraising Plan