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Marshall School Park

Development Stage : Proposal | Planning | Design | Activation | Maintenance

ForestR is so honored to be kicking off the planning stage of an newly reviatalized pocket park upon the lands of the Marshall Elementary school. In partnership with the amazing CVUSD and our local community, this park will see the addition of trees, new vegetable gardens, and so much more …

Every pocket park is an opportunity for our local businesses to step forward and prove their dedication to our community, our ecology, and our world. We want to thank these amazing sponsors for helping make this pocket park thrive:

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Partnership is at the core of every good effort. This pocket park exists through the good works of these amazing partners:

Photos : August, 2022

Park Plan




This park is in the ‘Planning’ development stage now. Soon we will be adding a detailed design map, planting map, and more. Check back often.