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Hazel Community Park

Development Stage : Proposal | Planning | Design | Activation | Maintenance

Visit today at: 22196 Main St, Hayward, CA 94541

ForestR is excited to partner with NoMa & Prospect Hill Neighborhood Associations in the development and maintenance of the fantastic Hazel community garden park.

Every pocket park is an opportunity for our local businesses to step forward and prove their dedication to our community, our ecology, and our world. We want to thank these amazing sponsors for helping make this pocket park thrive:

Are you an interested business? Contact us and let’s talk.

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Seven Planter Boxes

Hazel is honored to provide a collection of public planter boxes. Completely open to public planting of fruits, flowers, vegetables, you name it. These are spots dedicated to any neighbor interested in trying out their green thumb!

Two Sitting Circles

The neighbors of Hazel park have constructed two sitting circles. Each bordered by a wonderful collection of trees for shading. With stump seats, flowers, and completely open to your events. Do feel free to join us in enjoying these spaces for your BBQs, talk circles, family outings, or just to grab a moment in the lovely green space.

Fruit Orchard

A growing fruit orchard is in design that will put to practice the best of our permaculture designs. With new trees going in throughout this 2023. In the hopes of becoming a gleanable food resource for all neighbors to source at will. Home of a future food forest!

Two Redwood Fairy Circles

ForestR team and neighbors of Hazel park will be building on two wonderful Redwood fairy circles over the coming years. Cordoning off the small spaces for those who want to sit amongst the majestic spired of our natural Redwoods. Plans are in motion to place little pathways and fairy doors for our younger visitors to enjoy as well.

Creekside View

The Hazel park hillside offers an excellent view of the creek and we look forward to being a part of the future HARD walk/bicycle pathways that are planned in the coming years. These paths will be running down the other side of the creek. Yet, we anticipate visitors being drawn to Hazel for a beautiful respite in their travels.

ForestR is honored to be partnering with the City of Hayward and NoMa & Prospect Hill Neighborhood Associations in the stewardship of the Hazel community park.

We look forward to expanding our family of partners. Welcoming all who seek the greening of Hazel pocket park long into the future.

Photos : August, 2022

Photos : August, 2021

Park Plan

Hazel park is about to undergo a collection of Hayward city lead upgrades. When complete, ForestR and the Hazel community will be tackling a whole collection of new initiatives. All of which we will be sharing here. For community input and selection.

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