How does it work?

  • We find people in Castro Valley and vicinity who are willing to donate their overabundance of fruit (and some veggies).

  • We arrange a time that works for both parties and harvest as much as the fruit donors want us to. Sometimes the tree owners prefer to harvest their fruit themselves and we simply pick up and deliver to a food bank, or connect them directly with the food bank.

  • When we harvest, we respect the owners and their property. Our motto is to leave the place better than we found it.

  • We sort the fruit based on quality. Intact fruit is donated to local food pantries: the Dig Deep Farm’s Food Hub in San Leandro, the Homeless Shelter at the First Presbyterian Church, and the Community Cupboard on Forest Avenue. Some fruit is taken directly to our homeless friends who help us clean the land. Damaged but salvageable fruit is given to several people who are willing to process it immediately and often share the products they make with members of their communities, thus spreading the love in addition to further reducing food waste.