Become A ForestR

First Step Is to Let Us Know What Program You Are Interested In

We will never share your email with any 3rd party or partner. However, this is our main mode of reaching you. So, we do require it for this function.

All ForestRs Have The Option To Join Our Gig Programs

The concept is simple …

… clean, plant, or maintain with us and earn.

We pay a minimum of $15 / Hour.

Or, donate your hours. is, of course, a 501c3 non-profit organization.

We would be more than happy to accept volunteer time as well.

The Choice Is Yours

As it always should be.

Adopt-A-Highway Crew

580 W. Crew • Dragonfly Park Crew • Pebble Park Crew

Cleaning and planting crew positions are paid at a minimum hourly rate of $15 per hour. However, Caltrans crew spaces are limited and require your review and agreement to follow our safety standards. Complete the registration form to begin the process. Once this initial step is complete, we will be in touch as crew spots open.