The Everyone Program

Cleaning Our Community, Empowering Our People

Welcome to’s “The Everyone” program, a community-driven initiative that’s redefining how we care for our environment and support those without homes in our town.

Empowering the De-housed, Beautifying Our Lands

Our unique approach involves working collaboratively with the de-housed members of our community.

We’re not just cleaning up; we’re lifting people up. For every bag of litter collected from our highways, creeks, encampments, and roadways, we offer $5, creating a meaningful opportunity for those who need it most.

More Than Just Cleaning – A Movement of Mutual Respect

At “The Everyone,” it’s not just about cleaning; it’s about changing perspectives. We proudly showcase the hard work of our de-housed neighbors to educate and inspire our housed residents. This program bridges gaps and fosters a sense of unity and mutual respect within our community.

Consistent Action, Lasting Impact

Our commitment is ongoing. Bi-monthly cleaning events ensure that our efforts have a lasting impact, continually enhancing the beauty and health of our shared spaces. We believe in inclusivity – no piece of litter is too small, no effort is insignificant.

A Successful Journey, An Expanding Future

In 2023, we successfully ran two four-month pilot programs. Now, as 2024 unfolds, we’re eager to launch our third phase. Our goal is to expand our reach, deepen our impact, and continue to transform lives and landscapes.

Partners in Sustainability

We are honored to partner with local hauling companies, ensuring that all collected litter is responsibly disposed of at legal dumps. This partnership guarantees that every ounce of litter we collect is accounted for, keeping our streets and natural areas pristine.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We’re on a mission to not just clean up, but to uplift. To continue our journey, we need partners who share our vision.

By supporting “The Everyone” program, you’re not just funding a project; you’re investing in a cleaner, kinder, more inclusive community.