Something Special If you like what we have offered to date, that is just a taste of the excitement to come. More Coming Soon Coming Soon! Castro Valley Stop by our cleaning event space and pick from a FREE assorted collection of summer veggie plants. More Coming Soon Plant Giveaway, Success! FORESTR.ORG Facilitating the care of local land to reforest urban areas with native wildlife long-lost to our communities. About Us Clean. Plant. Maintain. Support a Community Cause Click here to donate to our shared cause and reinvigorate our communities' natural environments. Donate Today Become an Integral Part of Restoration

Our Mission

Clean. Plant. Maintain. is dedicated to organizing our communities for the cleaning, planting, and maintaining of our shared spaces.

Clean. Prepare the land so that what is fertile may grow.

Plant. Reforest our community spaces with trees, brush, and flowers.

Maintain. Deliver 5, 10, and 15 year plans for every planted space allowed.

Create Green Jobs. Create an eco-system in which green work pays living wages.








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