Clean. Green. Glean.

Supporting #EarthdayEveryday in your community.

Our mission is to educate local communities about permaculture practices, plant local lands with the forests of the future, and employ local visionaries in green gigs for all ages.

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Your donations help clean, green, and feed our community! Now you can donate to our general fund or choose your favorite program.

Volunteer Gigs

ForestR volunteers of all ages glean around town, collect litter along roadways, host events, grow seedlings for plant giveaways and more!

Service By The Numbers

85,917 + Lbs of Food Gleaned!

The Equivalent Of
4.91 tons of CO2eq - 702,033 gallons of H2O - 71,598 meals recovered

4,021 Bags of Litter Cleaned!

The Equivalent Of
90 tons of CO₂ - 3,800 gallons of oil - 49,759 kWh of energy - 23 tons of coal

4 PocketParks In Development!

ForestR PocketParks

Sage Park

Click For Sage Park

Hazel Park


Marshall Park


Harmony Park

Harmony Court

Our Vision

We envision a world where humans live in harmony with nature, and where all living things have a chance to thrive.

Our Values

We believe that abundance springs from the earth and feeds the soul of our communities.

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